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Just a few letters from some of our customers...

Hi Murf,
I wanted to get in touch with you, to report back on your "Murf's Mallard" call. As you know I have handled thousands of calls through the years in addition to those in my collection. The calls that have stood the test of time, have had two factors that have "made" them, One of course is the sound and the other is the craftsmanship, all of the legendary calls had these features. Your call with its curved plastic reed produces a true mallard tone consistently during the life of the reed. The workmanship, exhibits, both a precision and an artistic approach to call making which is lacking in many of today's offerings. The proper selection of woods, good instructions and the care in packaging, round out a truly great call. This call is destined to be passed down generation to generation, you have a winner.

Steve Ribeau

Hello Murf,
I am writing to let you know I received my call, and I am VERY pleased with the quality of craftsmanship, and the tone that rings out of this call. If you remember when we had talked before I placed my order, I explained my style of calling and what I was looking for in a call. I have to tell ya, you hit the nail right on the head. I have been calling ducks for many years and been through hundreds of duck calls, if you name it I bet I have tried it. But I have to say I won't ever go to the blind again without one of your calls on my lanyard. When the season is over this year, I will let you know how I did and send you some pictures.

Duck-Buster 73

Hi Murf

I would like to say I have used your calls for several years now and have never had a problem with any of the calls. I have used Iverson, Faulks, J.J. Lares and Duck Commander and none of these calls perform the way yours does. In my opinion your calls are a higher grade call. They look and sound better than the rest. I can tell anyone for a fact that once they use your calls they will never purchase another call again. Also the service you provide for your calls is spectacular. I would like to say keep the great calls coming and let me know when the next new one comes out so I can have it, that way I will have one of each from the very first to the last!

Dwight Peacock

Hello Murf,

I just received my Field and Timber calls last week. When I opened up the packaging I was in awe. These are the most beautiful calls on the planet. They sound awesome too. I consider myself a novice at duck calling, but your calls are easy to use. Very clean sounding. The craftsmanship that went into the making of the insert alone is mind blowing. I know with a little practice and finesse I'll be bringing them ducks in this coming season. My 10 year old is jealous of his old man right now, so he'll probably get a set for Christmas. Thank You very much for the great service and, of course, the calls.

Manny Hernandez




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